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Prestressed concrete poles
  • Prestressed concrete poles are one of the main products in our company, and there is a factory dedicated to them in the company that covers the needs of the Arab world, and represents (Egypt – Algeria – Iraq – Sudan) the most important Arab customers of prestressed concrete poles, because this system will be the first of its kind In the Middle East, the approved poles for Floppy Sprinkler systems will be for irrigation of agricultural farms.

    The production of these concrete poles requires raw materials that are available in abundance and at reasonable prices in the Kingdom, such as (sand, gravel, cement and rebar), and this project will employ a large number of labors, technicians and engineers and create commercial opportunities in all agricultural, industrial and construction sectors throughout the Kingdom and export the surplus to Neighboring countries and all Arab, African, Asian and European countries.

    Seoul Agricultural Company will produce prefabricated concrete poles, for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and the Middle East, from local raw materials. Also it will be cheaper than equivalent than wooden poles(that import from out country ) Their surfaces are coated with chemicals that are harmful to the environment to protect them from insects, termites, all rodents, and damage caused by moisture and chemicals.

    It is also the best alternative to iron poles imported from abroad at a high cost and needs to treat their surfaces against rust and the destructive effects of using fertilizers and pesticides during agricultural operations.

    Concrete poles are distinguished from their counterparts of wood and iron by their longevity, with an estimated lifespan of at least fifty years, and these concrete poles can be used for many uses and purposes

Uses of Prestressed concrete poles


Lots of civil works such as building homes and prefabricated temporary and permanent light facilities in remote areas and locations.


Decoration works and coordination of green areas and umbrellas


Construction of fences and fences


They are also used in light poles and electric power transmission lines with complete safety.


Lots of civil works such as building homes and prefabricated temporary and permanent light facilities in farms, areas and remote locations.


Decoration works and coordination of green areas and umbrellas


Construction of fences and fences

Why the future in the row of Prestressed concrete poles?

The specialists know that all soil for fruits, such as grapes, pomegranates, apples, bananas, and greenhouses are looking for an alternative to wooden and iron poles because of the damage they cause to plants through insects that appear on them, or their costly maintenance as a result of breaking these poles and the cost of replacing themSeoul Agricultural Company produces, in its own factory, concrete poles of the same diameters and heights, with a guarantee of up to fifty years, poles that do not cause insect diseases that can damage an entire crop and do not burden you with their maintenance

The importance of prestressed concrete poles in the construction of greenhouses

  • Prestressed concrete poles represent about 60% of the components of greenhouses as an excellent alternative to the iron poles used now , and are superior to them in their low price by about 50% and their long life of up to 50 years.
  • The implementation of greenhouses using prestressed concrete poles will achieve a reduction in the price of a square meter of the greenhouses about 30%.
  • One hectare of greenhouses needs about 160 concrete poles.
  • The countries of the Middle East and North Africa need to establish greenhouse sat a rate of no less than 6000 hectares annually to fill the food gap in vegetables because increasing population and the scarcity of water resources, which need more than one million concrete poles annually at the very least to establish them at a cost less than a quarter of the implemented greenhouses With iron poles in the current traditional greenhouses.
  • Seoul Agricultural Company will contribute to filling this gap and saving $5 million in total cost with a long lifespan that reduces the costs of replacing these greenhouses within a short period of 10 to 15 years, as is the case now

Seoul Agricultural Company's plan to encourage the expansion of the establishment of agricultural halls

  • Agriculture in greenhouses is one of the modern and advanced agricultural techniques, as it increases productivity in quantity and quality to meet the growing food needs and contributes to overcoming many of the problems facing traditional agriculture, in addition to preserving scarce resources, especially water resources, which are one of the most important determinants The main agricultural production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to controlling pests, diseases and insects.
  • Protected agriculture is the process of producing crops by unconventional means in special facilities in order to protect them from unsuitable weather conditions such as cultivation under plastic or shade nets or inside greenhouses with a controlled or controlled climate to ensure that the plant lives in appropriate and ideal conditions in terms of appropriate temperatures in summer and winter (22-27°C), soil moisture (85-90%) and ideal air humidity (70-80%), for vigorous growth and abundant yield.
  • By using and applying concrete poles, as well as the Micro irrigation system from our company, it provides in the establishment and application of protected agriculture, especially with the Floppy Blue Sprinkler that saves water, which saves water by up to 70%, and the Floppy Blue Sprinkler system sprinklers work inside the greenhouses by connecting them with valves It is controlled by a set of sensors that measure the moisture content in the soil, and it gives a signal to operate the valves only when the soil moisture is in the position of water that is not easy for the plant and then gives the signal to close the valves as soon as the soil moisture level reaches the field capacity without any increase or waste of irrigation and conservation water On the presence of oxygen-laden air necessary for all vital processes of the plant.
  • There are also other sensors associated with the automatic valve system that measure the air temperature inside the greenhouse, the temperature of the plant leaves and the air humidity in order to operate the irrigation system in a way that creates an ideal atmosphere suitable for the growth of plants inside the greenhouses, by reducing the temperature in the summer Without the need to install costly air-conditioning devices (water-impregnated pillows or what is known as felt) that consume a lot of electrical energy, and these sensors adjust the humidity inside the greenhouse to the ideal degree for the plant for strong growth, healthy plants and distinct production in quantity and quality.
  • These sensors also work to protect the plants inside the agricultural hall from the destructive effects of the phenomenon of frost formation on very cold nights and early morning in winter, by operating the valves that control the sprinklers when the temperatures drop to the critical limit in order to prevent the formation of frost on the plant and protect it without using expensive heating systems It consumes energy in large quantities that comes at the expense of farms achieving large profits by investing in agricultural production in projects that produce vegetables and crops inside the greenhouses, and it benefits him and the agricultural sector as a whole.

Cooperation protocols with

Contec CT company

Valente company

Prestressed concrete poles and forestry project

Forests are among the blessings that contain creatures in them (human – animal), and they are usually described as the natural lung of the planet. In various industrial and renewable industries, but also new alternatives to timber, primarily prestressed concrete poles, will contribute significantly to the preservation of forests…

The Saudi initiative and the establishment of the Seoul Agricultural Company

His Highness, the Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, announced the launch of two initiatives that outline the direction of the Kingdom and the region in protecting the land and nature and placing it in a road map with clear and ambitious landmarks that contribute to achieving global goals, and this initiative is one of the most important reasons Establishment of Seoul Agricultural Company.

Saudi Green Initiative

This initiative seeks to achieve a set of important goals, which are:


Increasing the amount of vegetation cover


Reduce carbon emissions


Combating pollution and land degradation


Preserving marine life

The initiative includes:

  • Planting 10 billion trees inside the Kingdom over the next decade.
  • Increasing the percentage of protected areas to more than 30% of its land area.
  • Reducing carbon emissions by more than 4% of global contributions.
  • Restore an area equivalent to (200 million) hectares of degraded land, which represents (5%) of the global goal.

The company's contribution to the success of the initiative

  • Cooling and mitigating the hottest locations around the cities along the belts of vegetation covers and afforestation according to the initiative using the suspended system, due to the height of the spraying process of more than 8 meters.
    Control of dust and pollution from quarries and crusher areas by using blue sprinkler.
    The use of an overglaze pop-up sprinkler for public parks, which contributes to cooling the atmosphere, as the spray height is 3 meters.
  • The use of the green home garden sprinkler, which contributes to softening the atmosphere of private gardens, for the height of the spraying process is 2 meters.
  • Establishing green belts and evergreen tree forests around cities to contribute to reducing the impact of pollution, increasing the percentage of oxygen, reducing the temperature, and creating public parks that are a healthy outlet for citizens.
  • Increasing green areas and golf courses is working to cool the air temperature and encourage internal and external tourism.

Green Middle East Initiative

  • This initiative is carried out in cooperation with the sister countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States and the Middle East, and aims to:
  • Planting an additional 40 billion trees in the Middle East.
  • Reducing carbon emissions by the largest 10% of global contributions.
  • Reducing carbon emissions from oil production in the region by more than 60%.

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