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Overhead system

These sprinklers are suspended on stranded and galvanized iron cables installed on modern concrete poles. This system is characterized by the following:

  • Allows agricultural equipment, machinery and machinery to pass easily without any obstacles
  • Ideal for all kinds of agriculture crops, vegetables and green fodder
  • Contributes to doubling agricultural production (increasing production by up to 40%)
  • It achieves significant savings in energy and water consumption compared to other conventional irrigation systems
  • Saves the use of irrigation water for agricultural purposes by 30%
  • Saves in the use of fertilizers and pesticides by 50%
  • Saves in labor use and system maintenance costs
  • Without of any mechanical parts in the system, this makes the work continue without any problems , unlike the case with the center pivot
  • The possibility of dividing the field through modern valves and the cultivation of different crops for water needs
  • simulates natural rain, which provides an optimal environment for plant growth with a consistent distribution of water on the soil and plants due size of drops to represent an optimal use of water and not losing a large part of it due to the type of sandy soil or evaporation from the sun
  • The use of prestressed concrete poles manufactured from locally available materials as an excellent alternative to iron poles and superior to them in the low price of about 50% and the longevity of up to 50 years. It is also distinguished from similar wooden poles that are imported from abroad at a high cost and need to treat their surfaces with materials Chemical harmful to the environment to protect it from insects, termites and all rodents and damage caused by moisture and chemicals.
  • Using a sprinklers with distinct technical specifications
  • (large spray radius 12m, flow 730 liters/hour, Precip 5 mm/hour, internal pressure regulator, low pressure 2 bar, plastic body resistant to radiation and external factors, silicone interior and no gear box)
  • The system uses locally made raw materials such as HDPE pipes and their fitting, which encourages the national industry while ensuring the provision of raw materials quickly and easily for construction operations, as well as maintenance in case of need.
  • The system can be operated automatically, as well as remote control through the use of solenoid valves and an irrigation controller with the possibility of WI-FI communication, as well as some sensors such as the humidity sensor, rain, etc., which ensures the quality of operation with the use of actual water needs and not wasting water or plant thirst

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