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After a large period of study and in-depth analysis of the market, we were able to make the idea a reality by establishing Seoul Company, and given our realization that the future of the agricultural sector falls within the scope of effective management of all natural resources, our company is honored to be part of the agricultural development movement in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, through  A department that seeks to satisfy customers with the highest quality sprinkler irrigation products provided with modern and advanced technologies for all our customers inside and outside Saudi Arabia in parallel with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In a short time, we were able to work cooperation protocols with international companies, and we became exclusive agents for approved brands  And it has a wide spread all over the world.

 In our work, we rely on an accurate road map and strategy that we derived from the vision of the supreme leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by His Majesty King Salman bin Abdelaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, so we have worked on the most recent products of sprinkler irrigation systems that contribute to saving employment and energy consumption and contribute  As well as in reducing and rationalizing water consumption, and we know very well that the extent of the large increase in water demand, and therefore the concept of modern design of these systems represents a great challenge to the traditional and old irrigation systems, and this is the factor that led customers to use various modern sprinkler irrigation products provided by our company

 We hope for success

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About us

  1. Seoul Agricultural Company was started in 2020 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company would  to be the agricultural technology products industry by integrating the Italian Contec columns, Floppy Sprinkler products, and Wireless Precision Irrigation IoT platform . Our company follows a future development strategy in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to serve the Saudi agricultural sector and contribute  In its development, and our expansion and expansion plans will not only stop in the Kingdom, but we are be on the of all Gulf markets.

     Our company is keen to use the most recent agricultural technology at work, along with a team of workers, technicians, engineers, supervisors and administrators who are distinguished by experience and scientific study, and to be informed of all global developments related to agricultural development, and in an effort to save effort and time on customers in the operations of irrigating cultivated lands, especially newly reclaimed  We work to provide them with the best tools and sprinkler irrigation systems that have superior capabilities that are suitable for large agricultural areas.

Seoul Agricultural Company is the exclusive agent for irrigation systems and products from Floppy Sprinkler in the Kingdom, and it is the exclusive agent for pre-stressed concrete poles products from the Italian company Contec. It has also signed cooperation protocols with international companies such as the South African company Geo Farm and the Swedish company IRRIOT​

Our vision

Our vision We seek leadership by providing all agricultural products that contribute to the rationalization of water consumption, and we always seek to integrate modern technologies types into the products of sprinkler irrigation systems that are suitable for different of agriculture.

Our message

serve the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia in parallel with making a qualitative leap in the manufacture of products that serve that sector in the Gulf countries and the Republic of Yemen, taking into account international technical specifications and standards in a way that fulfills our obligations towards customers and achieves their desires and goals

Our value

In providing sprinkler irrigation products, Seoul Agricultural Company takes into account a number of basic values towards customers, industries, competitors and the environment. These values are: honesty - respect integrity the responsibility Commitment


1- Working according to the directions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in the agricultural sector.​

3- Replacing modern irrigation systems with traditional irrigation systems

5- Working in accordance with international standards and specifications

7- Maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the environment

9- Saving on system maintenance costs

2- Sustainable development in irrigating agricultural and reclaimed lands.

4- Developing irrigation techniques to double agricultural production

6- Contribute to saving energy

8- Helping to rationalize water consumption

10- Saving in manpower

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