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Automatic irrigation control systems

And to complete the system, Seoul Agricultural Company was keen to contract on the most new generations of automatic irrigation control by choosing modern technology, frequency spectrum waves from the Swedish company IRRITO, which controls modern irrigation valves without wires and with international specifications that allow accurate control with ease of operation.

The primary users of the IRRIOT solution are: 


Gardens and farms


Sports Fields




Residential areas.


Golf courses


Rooftop gardens


Parks and public areas

System features and characteristics

  • Control 32 points remote control
  • Control up to 128 electric valves
  • 15 different programs to control
  • 10 running times per program
  • Valve operating time from 1 minute to 10 hours
  • Possibility to add WIFI Module
  • Can work with 34 types of sensors (such as rain, soil moisture,…)
  • There are 3 main sensor outputs such as (temperature, behavior, pressure)
  • It uses radio waves and can work within a range of 2:3 km in urban areas and 5:10 km in open areas.

Features and characteristics of the remote control point

  • Solar powered
  • There are two point versions (to control up to two valves – to control up to 4 valves)
  • Designed to work under outdoor and weather conditions
  • You can read the data from the humidity sensor and other types of sensors
  • It uses free radio waves
  • 2 x 2pin or 2 x 3pin, 1 x 6pin, 1 x Micro USB (IP67) outputs
  • Dimensions in millimeters (width 91, height 112, depth 78 mm)
  • The presence of Antenna Internal/External
  • Works under a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to 60°C)
  • Works with all types of universal valves 9VDC produced by Hunter, Rainbird, Toro,…..

You can also choose to subscribe to the remote control program and control irrigation through different devices from the Microsoft Azure platform via the website or through the mobile application and enjoy the following features: ​

  • Display of malfunctions and alarms at the control points
  • View the status of valves, sensors and sensors
  • The possibility of manual or instantaneous operation of the valves, as well as the delay features
  • Effective control of ignition programs and valves
  • Meteorological features and maps

We can also provide automatic irrigation control services that work via wires, whether in the traditional way or the decoder method, from the products of international partners.

We also provide automatic services for connecting pumps and submersible systems to automated systems. As well as providing high quality electric valves and automatic irrigation systems produced by Turkish Tayfur at competitive prices. ​

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